About WebFrame

What is this?

Webframe is an easy to use open source framework for developing web-based applications. It works in the LAMP environment. Webframe is not just a regular framework. After install you will have an environment which already has built in login interface, user and group management, database backup, logging feature and a lot more.

The main goals of the project:

  • Keep it simple whole appliction is divided into small parts
  • User friendly clear easy to understand user interface desgin
  • Web standards W3C compliant, table less design
  • Modular design easy to add new features
  • Fast development don't have to start your application from scratch. Lots of built in libary.
  • Multi-language support
  • Cross browser support

What can I do with WebFrame?

WebFrame main target is web based Internet/Intranet developers. With WebFrame you can easily build up a complex web-based application.